Post-Graduates & Students

Jenna Pryor, MSW

Post-Graduate Research Associate | MSW, Social Policy & Evaluation, University of Michigan; BA, Social Work, Michigan State University

Jenna is a macro-level social worker trained in program evaluation, specializing in mixed methods and qualitative methodologies. Jenna’s research interests include program evaluation and effectiveness; the impact of involvement in the justice-system on individual and community well-being; and recidivism and reentry. Jenna assists with data collection and analysis, and handles administrative responsibilities for a variety of research projects. Jenna currently lives in San Diego with her dog, Charlie.

Thomas Klemm

Research Assistant | PhD Candidate, Political Science, University of Michigan; BA, Social Work, Eastern Michigan University; AA, Human Services, Washtenaw Community College

Thomas’s research interests include federal American Indian policy, Native Nation building, rural/reservation poverty alleviation strategies, and drug and alcohol treatment and policy. Thomas was instrumental in providing research support to the Removing Barriers team’s development of a successful National Science Foundation proposal. Thomas was selected as a 2019 APPAM Equity & Inclusion Fellow. As an enrolled citizen of the Pokagon Band of Potawatomi Indians, he remains involved in his Nation’s politics, traditions, and community.

Candice Tudor

Research Assistant |MA Candidate, Criminology & Criminal Justice, Eastern Michigan University; BS, Psychology & BA, Criminology & Behavioral Health, University of Michigan–Dearborn

Candice is interested in the long-term impacts of incarceration, solitary confinement, correctional mental health practice, trauma, and trauma psychotherapy treatments. Candice undertakes lab and fieldwork studying these topics. She is a first-generation college student and enjoys rescuing cats and quilting.

Edward Dance

Research Assistant | JD Candidate, University of Wisconsin; BA, International Relations, Political Theory and Constitutional Democracy, Michigan State University

Ed is interested in studying the CREW Report (Council for Racial Equity in Washtenaw). The report highlighted racial disparities facing defendants in Washtenaw County, MI. He is keenly interested in the socio-economic implications of charges people have faced. Ed describes himself as African American, first-generation college graduate, and a political junkie. He loves cats and dogs.

Daniel Strellman

Research Assistant | JD Candidate, University of Michigan Law School; BA, Sociology & Philosophy, Duke University

Daniel is interested in the judicial system’s disparate impacts on disadvantaged populations and whether advances in technology could streamline the resolution of legal issues, make legal help accessible to all, and otherwise reduce the justice gap. 

Daniel is a first-generation law student whose favorite pastimes include college basketball, martial arts, hiking, and intellectual discussions.

Annie O’Connor

Research Assistant | JD Candidate, Georgetown University Law Center; BA, Economics & Political Science, University of Michigan

Annie was one of the original members of the Removing Barriers team who developed the pilot study and earned the Judge’s Choice INNOVATE prize in a public service venture capital competition, beating out teams with backgrounds in engineering and medicine. Annie has interned with the Major Crimes Unit of the Department of Justice in the District of Columbia.

Mike Loukas

Research Assistant | Student, Paralegal Studies, Washtenaw Community College

Mike helps with participant recruitment and community-based field work. He studies criminal justice reform and is especially interested in Eighth Amendment constitutional rights issues surrounding excessive fines as well as cruel and unusual punishments. Mike is an avid runner and likes to hit the pavement daily.

David A. Seaman

Research Assistant | JD Candidate, University of Michigan Law School; MS Candidate, Addiction Policy and Practice, Georgetown University; BA Program in Philosophy, Politics, and Economics, University of Michigan.

As a person with lived experience, David brings special knowledge to the intersection of criminal justice, drug, and addiction policy. David is well equipped to synthesize his lived experience and his interdisciplinary training in political economy to evaluate different policies’ disparate impacts to disadvantaged groups,  and the barriers to the mainstream economy that marginalized populations experience. A former intern with the Office of National Drug Control Policy, David is committed to the prioritization of policies that serve public health, promote economic stability, and preserve parity for mental health and substance use disorder treatment.

Brian Oliveira

Research Assistant | MA, Legal Studies concentration in Criminal Law, Arizona State University; BA, Criminal Justice, minor in Spanish, Valdosta State University.

Brian has served in positions at the state and federal level. He continues to serve as an Army Officer in the reserves. Brian is interested in how removing legal barriers in treatment helps people in recovery.

Henry Cole

Research Assistant | MA Candidate, Social Science, University of Michigan–Flint; BA, Political Science, University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh

I am in love with the game of golf; however, the game of golf does not love me. One day it will.

Henry’s research interests include focus on political economies. He has received Advanced Training in Corrections Management with the National Institute of Corrections Academy at Aurora, Colorado. Henry has over a decade of experience under his belt working as a parole agent, probation officer/supervisor, and acting deputy warden.

Alyshia M. Dyer

Research Assistant | MA Candidate, Social Work & Public Policy, University of Michigan; BA, Criminal Justice, Eastern Michigan University

We are all sources of power for ourselves, and others.

Alyshia M. Dyer is an Ypsilanti native and first-generation student joining the Removing Barriers to Recovery team. Alyshia is interested in criminal justice policy, restorative justice, poverty elimination, and enhancing equity in Washtenaw County. She previously served as a Deputy Sheriff for the Washtenaw County Sheriff’s Office, focusing on reducing youth recidivism through community policing. In addition, Alyshia has earned a certificate from the Sanger Leadership Academy at the Ross School of Business.

Her hobbies include improvisational theater (improv), traveling, strategy games, and collecting rocks.

Jerry Fouchey

Research Assistant | MA, Counseling, Eastern Michigan University; BA, Political Science, Eastern Michigan University

Jerry Fouchey is a first-generation college graduate, educational leadership specialist, and a Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor (CADC). Jerry’s research interests include interventions and strategies to support long-term recovery from alcohol or drug use. Jerry has also received an Administrative Certificate with Endorsements as a Superintendent, Chief Business Official, and Secondary Administrator at Eastern Michigan University.

Tiffanie Maust

Research Assistant | BA candidate, University of Michigan

Tiffanie joined the Community Correction Fines and Fees Project team as a first-year student with an interest in learning more about probational court proceedings. She primarily assists with data collection and clerical tasks. Tiffanie is a first-generation college student and a Blavin Scholar at the University of Michigan. She loves experimenting with graphic design and attempting to work out.

Sabrina Yue Zheng

Research Assistant | MSW, University of Michigan | BA, Gender and Development, China Women’s University

Sabrina is passionate about gender and development, which includes poverty, women economic empowerment, anti-domestic violence and campus sexual misconduct. Sabrina is interested in applying a community-based participatory action research approach to conduct program evaluation and research.

Dr. B

Motivational Speaker

Dr. B gives great hugs and helps keep up team morale during the global pandemic. She enjoys anything pink, is a fan of chapter books, and loves playing the harmonica.

Jingles the Dog

Team Pet

Jingles enjoys hiking and spicy treats. He loves to wear green and white handkerchiefs at University of Michigan tailgates to stir up excitement.

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