O’Neil has been teaching since 2004 when she double-majored in Special Education and Sociology as an undergraduate at the historical teaching college, Southern Connecticut State UniversityO’Neil co-taught during the summer, interned at an inner-city public school, and worked as a substitute teacher at a public special education school. After being recruited to tutor statistics, she focused her later studies on sociology and turned down a teaching scholarship to attend Columbia University and study Quantitative Methods. During her PhD, O’Neil proudly taught a vibrantly diverse collegiate student body in the Bronx, NY at Fordham University and at SUNY in Albany, NY. During her post-doc she has lectured at the University of Michigan School of Law, School of Social Work, and Ford School of Public Policy and served as a guest speaker for the Veteran’s Education series with the Veteran’s Treatment Court.  


Passed Praxis I – 2006 Teacher Qualifying Exam (high pass) 

Offered full scholarship to University of New Haven in Education

International House Tutorial Fellowship 2007-2008


  • Statistics (ASOC 221)

  • Methods of Social Research (SOCI 2850)

  • Race & Ethnicity (ASOC 282)

  • Sociology of the Family (ASOC 250)

  • Sociology of Work and Families (SOCI 3504)